Meet our contributors


Alan Heyward

Executive Manager

Alan is a man with vision and big ideas. He has spent over 7 years in the business as General Manager and is responsible for the direction and performance of Accumulate. Truly multi-talented, Alan has done a bit of everything. His background includes roles in retail and B2B sales and sales management, marketing, operations and client servicing. He specialises in the design, implementation and execution of complex program solutions, product improvement and people engagement, and has a manic focus on delivering the best possible client and customer experience. And there’s no doubt that Alan knows his stuff, as he repeatedly leads teams to deliver results in excess of target, and he has guided the business to several international awards for recognition and incentive program excellence. Alan’s favourite city is New York (next to Melbourne), where he likes to take his wife and 3 children for a break.

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Alex Franklin, Senior Manager – Key Accounts & Analytics Team

Alex Franklin

Senior Manager Business Development

If you want to know what’s going to inspire your people to perform at their best and impact the bottom line, Alex is your guy. He has over 5 years’ experience in our sales team implementing best-practice recognition and incentive programs that drive behavioural change. He has executed and managed some of our most noteworthy solutions to date, including AstraZeneca’s employee reward and recognition program which was accredited with an international award. And that’s not all. He worked with Clipsal Australia to design a best-in-class sales channel program that uses the latest smartphone and mobile scanning technology (read about it here). Alex can also blog in Spanish and if you prefer to do business over 18 holes of golf, he’s your man.

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Ann-Marie, Content Marketing Specialist

Ann-Marie Walker

Content Marketing Specialist

Communication is Ann-Marie’s passion. And it’s not just that she loves a chat (although she really does). With 14 years’ experience in marketing, communications and account management roles, effective communication has been crucial to success throughout her career. With a strong background in consumer loyalty, Ann-Marie joined Accumulate in 2013 as Marketing Account Manager for the Qantas Store. She is now Accumulate’s resident Content Marketing Specialist, committed to keeping up-to-date with and sharing valuable information and insights on all things employee engagement. When she’s not researching or writing a blog, Ann-Marie and her husband are busy revisiting their childhood with their energetic baby girl, while also squeezing in as much travel, photography and time with friends and family as possible.

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Richard Wilkins, Head of Sales & Marketing

Richard Wilkins

Head of Marketing

Over the past 15 years, Richard Wilkins (his real name) has forged a career as a successful B2B marketing and communications professional. With previous experience in the financial services sector working on both global and local projects, his journey with Accumulate began in 2009. Since that time he has overseen a stronger alignment of the marketing and sales functions, and helped many clients maximise the ROI of their recognition, incentive and benefits programs. With a broad spectrum of marketing and communications experience, Richard is equally at home developing strategy, managing international brand research, or writing and directing marketing videos. Richard enjoys collaborating with creative minds, and in between wrangling his two iPad-addicted kids, he pursues his passions of live music, movies, screenwriting and travel.

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Russell Flint, Senior Manager Business Development

Russell Flint

Senior Manager Business Development

After spending the early part of his career in marketing and product development, Russell joined Accumulate as Senior Account Manager. Coming from past roles where employee engagement wasn’t a priority, Russell quickly developed a passion for helping businesses improve their culture and performance through recognition, reward and incentives. It’s this passion that has helped many of Russell’s clients create fun and inspiring programs that have delivered real business impact. Russell’s experience covers large scale workforces, sales forces and customer groups in banking and finance, telecommunications, mining, construction, energy, FMCG and hospitality. Outside the fun and creativity of incentives, Russell loves kicking a ball around a rectangular pitch (allegedly this is known as ‘football’) or playing a spot of cricket.

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