5 reasons we should all care about company values

shutterstock_155883977A week post cataract surgery a patient unexpectedly received a card from the practice with this handwritten note inside. “We understand you are paying for your treatment yourself. We have a huge respect for teachers, they give willingly and often beyond the scope of their job. You strike us as someone that continues to give to the next generation, so we have waived our fee in recognition of this.”

This incredible gesture had a profound impact on this school teacher, not just financially but in their perception of the clinic, its people and their commitment to service.

But what would drive a team or an individual to do something so above and beyond when they really didn’t have to?

The non-negotiables of a business that determine how its employees act – its core values.

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Who should take responsibility for employee recognition in your organisation?

shutterstock_130122452The short answer is everyone.

Regardless of position or department, all employees should be empowered to contribute, because as much as we feel worth when we receive a pat on the back – the same applies when we give it.

Research suggests that being grateful can improve well-being, strengthen relationships and produce happy emotions. It also increases the likelihood that positive behaviours will be repeated, or that a person will want to help again in the future.

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9 mistakes that will ruin your employee recognition efforts {Slideshare}

ice cream filterEven with the best intentions, misguided moments of recognition can backfire.

From recognising in a pattern to putting emphasis on behaviours that don’t connect to company values, these are the common mistakes that many organisations make when thanking their employees.

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The extraordinary impact of employee recognition {Slideshare}

power of recognitionIt’s been proven time and again that companies with a highly engaged workforce find success in the critical areas of: employee retention and productivity, customer service and business profitability.

There is also plenty of evidence pointing to the strong link between effective recognition and strong employee engagement.

Whether you think your company does employee recognition and engagement well, or whether you know your approach needs to improve dramatically, it pays to be armed with all facts so you can make an informed decision, and, if needed, build a compelling business case.

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Make loyalty mobile or risk standing still

Mobile Loyalty ProgamsThe majority of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers, which is why mobile is the obvious channel to transform loyalty marketing.

Two thirds of users are already interested in interacting with loyalty programs through their device, and would be happy to say goodbye to their plastic loyalty cards in exchange for a mobile option.

We habitually check apps, email and social sites up to 110 times a day on phones and tablets, and during peak times it’s once every 6 seconds.

We agree, the numbers are hard to wrap your head around.

But imagine the impact of having your loyalty app exposed front and centre on screen.

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