[Case Study] Illuminating Engagement with Synergy’s Employee Recognition & Reward Program

The benefits of a strong focus on employee engagement are well documented. This is rarely more so than when an organisation is in the throes of transformational change, as Synergy, Western Australia’s largest energy provider, can attest.

“We have replaced our ‘costly and cold’ top down annual target system with a ‘strategic and engaging’ program of culture change through recognition.”

Angie Young, Synergy’s General Manager, People and Culture


One year following the launch of its Amps employee recognition and reward program, Synergy had made great strides in engaging and unifying its 900-strong workforce, during a significant time in the company’s history. [Read more…]

Case study: Australia Post’s ‘Seeker’ employee lead referral program

How an iconic Australian brand is turning its 37,000-strong workforce into new business hunters, with drool-worthy results.

SeekerCS_ThumbnailLike many businesses, Australia Post believed there had to be a more effective, more efficient way to seek out and capture new business leads. They also knew that an increase in lead volume and quality would deliver improved conversion rates and in turn, revenue growth. It’s a simple equation and a universal business challenge.

So what did they do?

Australia Post saw an opportunity. The company believed nobody was better equipped to spot relevant prospects than its own workforce.

And so, in partnership with Accumulate, the Seeker employee lead referral program was born.

Now, still mid-way through launch, the program has not only captured the imagination of employees,
it’s already exceeded Australia Post’s new business revenue expectations.
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Employee Benefits – Taking the ‘Holy Moly this shopping centre is busy’ out of Christmas

shutterstock_231386455Last weekend I found myself in a shopping centre. On a Saturday afternoon in December.

As I shuffled bewildered through the frantically packed mall, people bumping into me, children screaming, Mariah Carey’s latest Christmas track warbling, I kept my mantra going over and over in my head so that I would stay on track: “A tennis racquet. You need a tennis racquet. Just go get it, and then you can leave.”

I ended up leaving with shampoo and conditioner because I got so overwhelmed. I panicked and in my fragile and vulnerable state was easily manipulated by a flashy red sticker offering me a two-for-one pack. No tennis racquets were purchased – or even sighted.

There has got to be a better way.

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This is how you give all your current (and future) employees what they want

Give every employees what they wantHow do you compete as a business if you’re recruiting for highly skilled talent, but can only offer to pay market value? And how do you ensure your current employees stay put when wages are the single draw card?

The great news is that for businesses that don’t have more cash to give, the answer isn’t money.

What you need are unique differentiators. Added extras that are compelling enough to attract the right people to your business’ front door, and keep them from leaving out the back.

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The importance of communicating employee benefits {infographic}

employee benefits communication

You can offer your employees the world’s greatest perks – but if they don’t know what they are or where to find them – you’ll only ever be half way there. The launch and ongoing success of an employee benefits program is based largely on how well it is communicated.

According to Metlife, employees who agree their company has effective benefits communications are more than twice as likely to say they are loyal.

Benefits are a smart addition for any organisation, provided they aren’t hidden from the people they’re intended for.

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