Recognition…we all crave it

shutterstock_248883307I’ll make a bet with you. A bet that I’m almost certain I’ll win. And that is, that I know what makes you tick.

First, think of at least one example of when you did something awesome at work. Something you’re a little bit proud of. The sort of thing that made you want to give yourself a cheeky high five. But you resisted because, well, can you imagine seeing someone give themselves a high five?

So you did this awesome thing. But no-one said anything. No-one acknowledged it. Not your co-workers and not your boss. Everyone kept trudging on through their day without batting an eyelid. [Read more…]

7 tips to successfully engaging Generation Z in the workplace

shutterstock_43535671I’m sorry. I’m sorry if you feel you’ve already reached your quota of generational engagement challenges in your workplace. Especially as Millennials, seemingly in the blink of an eye, have gone from ‘emerging talent’ to ‘highly influential’ status, as they increasingly move into management and leadership positions.

And I’m sorry if the thought of yet another generation entering the workforce, with their own unique set of complexities, skills, needs and expectations, makes you feel exhausted, or even a little nervous.

But there’s no ignoring the fact that Generation Z (those born between the mid-90’s and early ’00’s) is on its way. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, Generation Z will make up over 35% of the workforce.

However, it seems that any trepidation should be replaced by a sense of great anticipation about the skills and perspectives that Generation Z is likely to bring to the corporate table. And the good news is that there are plenty of existing insights and opinions available to help you prepare for this impending surge of new talent.

For a start, research tells us that members of Generation Z are likely to follow the trend set by Millennials when it comes to limited – or highly conditional – employer loyalty, as they search for those conditions (beyond salary), that are most important to them.

So, what makes Generation Z tick?

Here are 7 insights that can underpin your efforts to attract, engage, retain and get the best from this emerging pool of talent. [Read more…]

The rise and rise of reward and recognition

Employee RecognitionIf one word can define Reward and Recognition in the year 2014, it would be uncertainty. Ongoing economic caution is having an impact on how employers handle Reward and Recognition. However, as new trends emerge, it’s not all doom and gloom…

All engagement practices have felt the impact of belt tightening in 2014, but budgets have shrunk, especially in the reward space. In fact, there has been a marked shift away from spending on rewards and instead investing in robust recognition programs. Recognition, of course, can be carried out effectively with minimal outlay. Recognition is worth its weight in gold; formal and informal types of recognition don’t have to cost a lot, but the power of it is immense. “Research indicates that recognition on its own is more powerful than reward on its own,” says Alan Heyward, executive manager of Accumulate. “Together they’re even more powerful – but you give someone a reward, and it can be easily forgotten about, whereas recognition tends to be more long-lasting.”

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The secret to duplicating your best employees {Slideshare}


There’s no question that the most engaged, productive and loyal employees are the ones that every organisation wants, and needs more of.

According to Leadership IQ research, 72% of employees polled admit that they aren’t giving their best effort. That’s nearly ¾ of a workforce that could be giving more, but find reason not to.

Think about the impact it could have for your business if all of your people – or even just half – could be considered as your most effective employees.
It could result in improved revenue, higher productivity, better customer experience and an increase in creativity and innovation.

There is a secret to achieving this. All it takes is a little employee recognition.

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10 things leading employers do for happier employees {Slideshare}

Workplace happiness

There are many well-known and documented benefits to having a happy workforce, including higher levels of engagement and lower rates of attrition. Employees that find joy in what they do are fundamental to maintaining a successful culture.

Yet according to a Seek survey, 77% of Australians are less than happy in their jobs after a year, and 6/10 would not recommend their organisation as a great place to work.

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