[Case Study] Illuminating Engagement with Synergy’s Employee Recognition & Reward Program

The benefits of a strong focus on employee engagement are well documented. This is rarely more so than when an organisation is in the throes of transformational change, as Synergy, Western Australia’s largest energy provider, can attest.

“We have replaced our ‘costly and cold’ top down annual target system with a ‘strategic and engaging’ program of culture change through recognition.”

Angie Young, Synergy’s General Manager, People and Culture


One year following the launch of its Amps employee recognition and reward program, Synergy had made great strides in engaging and unifying its 900-strong workforce, during a significant time in the company’s history. [Read more…]

Innovate or…lose employees

Melinda Phillips is a Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in both Australian Indigenous Studies and Media and Communications at Melbourne University.  She joined Accumulate in November 2015 as an intern, as part of the Qantas partnership with the CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program. Since that time Melinda gained valuable experience across various parts of the business, including refining her content and communication skills during her placement within Accumulate’s marketing team.


‘Innovate or die’. This jolting message is one of many being directed at companies, as the pace of change in the business world seems to be constantly on the rise. But it would be easy (and naive) to fall into the trap of seeing such a warning as purely technology focussed.

Innovation is about much more than technology. It’s about creating new ways of doing things. Moving forward. Staying ahead of the game. Importantly, innovation can be related to all elements of a business. And those who neglect to be innovative with their employee engagement strategies may well find themselves falling behind their competitors.

Another way to look at it? Innovate…or lose valuable employees.

But what does innovation in employee engagement look like? Here are some inspiring examples of how three very different, forward thinking companies have gained success from innovative employee engagement practices. [Read more…]

Employee recognition: the most effective method of creating a sustainable ‘service’ culture

Russell Flint, Accumulate’s Senior Manager Commercial Partnerships, examines the critical role employee recognition and reward can play in turning the tide of public opinion within the banking sector.

In January 2017, the ‘Retail Remuneration Review, Issues Paper’ was published as part of an independent review commissioned by the Australian Bankers’ Association into how banks pay staff (refer: retailbankingremreview.com.au). The paper provides a broad review of the role of reward in the banking and finance sector, its aim being to identify whether commissions, bonuses or other incentives might motivate bank employees to focus on their own financial interests, rather than those of their customers. [Read more…]

“Why not us?” The infectious culture of self-belief at the Western Bulldogs.

Accumulate Account Director Bill Gray reveals the red, white and blue running through his veins, and looks at the not-so-secret ingredients behind the Western Bulldogs’ remarkable surge to this weekend’s AFL grand final.


shutterstock_378339850An exciting week lies ahead for Bulldog supporters; for a lot of us it’s uncharted territory – 55 years is a long time between Grand Final appearances.

Not many outside of Whitten Oval would have dreamed of winning three finals to make the Grand Final after a disappointing loss to Fremantle in round 23. In each of the three finals the Western Bulldogs were regarded as the underdogs, unlikely to proceed past the trip to Subiaco in Perth.

Two seasons ago the club lost its coach, captain and CEO, and finished with a 7:15 win loss/ratio, and has had its 2016 season interrupted by injuries to key players. How then is it possible that the club has transformed, not only its off-field business to achieve a record membership, but has also recorded a win/loss ratio of 15:7 and become a challenger for the 2016 Premiership Cup? [Read more…]

When it comes to employee recognition, The Power is Yours!

shutterstock_153174755Green-mulleted men are a great source of inspiration.

I’ll let you digest that for a second. Go on.


How about a hint.

I’m thinking of one particular green-mulleted, earth-saving, blue-skinned, red-chested superhero.

Are you with me now?

I speak of course of Captain Planet, and his famous saying “The Power is Yours!”

This catch-cry is true in almost any context, and is particularly relevant when it comes to employee recognition. [Read more…]