This is why your employee benefits must have mass appeal

Employee Benefits mass appeal“And do you have any questions for us?”

This is a sentence that all HR professionals know well. They utter it at the end of every interview and wait for the candidate to reply by asking in varying degrees of directness:

“What’s in it for me?”

You want this candidate. They have interviewed fantastically and would be perfect for the job.

Now it’s time to reel off that list of employee benefits your company offers, and wow them to smithereens. After all, you know that the benefits you’re hiding up your sleeve could be the deciding factor to this candidate accepting your offer.

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Employee benefits – Have you got the right strategy?

Employee Benefits strategyIn Australia, there is still a considerable gap between organisations that do employee benefits effectively and those that offer their employees little beyond salary and superannuation.

Today, creating a benefits policy and proposition for your employees is relatively easy with a bit of time and forward thinking. While many organisations still make some big ticket and creative benefits available, it has been proven many times that benefits don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be unique, or resonate with your employees.

Despite the potential simplicity in setting up a program, organisations can often be daunted about the resource and investment required in going down this path to enhance their employee value proposition.

This isn’t the case, which is great news all round.

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Are you offering this year’s 5 hottest employee benefits?

shutterstock_140105446Although your sunglasses tan may not have faded and you’re still finding pine needles from your Christmas tree all over the house, 2015 is here and most of us are back to work.

Now more than ever it’s time to start thinking about refreshing your employee benefits plan to ensure it remains competitive, innovative and current for your people this year.

Here are our predictions for the top 5 hottest employee benefits for 2015 that you shouldn’t look past:

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4 reasons employee benefits should be a top priority in 2015

Employee benefitsOffering an employee benefits solution that delivers no real value is as useful as taking a significant amount of your business’ money and setting it a light.

There are obvious differences between the outcomes of well thought out programs that provide benefits beyond expectation, and those that take more of a ‘they’re doing it so we should too’ approach.

Well executed employee benefits should align to a company’s goals or address a specific outcome, and consider individual circumstances. It’s the difference between your employee benefits program losing you money, or saving you money.

It may surprise you that effective employee benefits could be the game changer to your business achieving more in 2015.

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Employee Benefits – Taking the ‘Holy Moly this shopping centre is busy’ out of Christmas

shutterstock_231386455Last weekend I found myself in a shopping centre. On a Saturday afternoon in December.

As I shuffled bewildered through the frantically packed mall, people bumping into me, children screaming, Mariah Carey’s latest Christmas track warbling, I kept my mantra going over and over in my head so that I would stay on track: “A tennis racquet. You need a tennis racquet. Just go get it, and then you can leave.”

I ended up leaving with shampoo and conditioner because I got so overwhelmed. I panicked and in my fragile and vulnerable state was easily manipulated by a flashy red sticker offering me a two-for-one pack. No tennis racquets were purchased – or even sighted.

There has got to be a better way.

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