Innovate or…lose employees

Melinda Phillips is a Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in both Australian Indigenous Studies and Media and Communications at Melbourne University.  She joined Accumulate in November 2015 as an intern, as part of the Qantas partnership with the CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program. Since that time Melinda gained valuable experience across various parts of the business, including refining her content and communication skills during her placement within Accumulate’s marketing team.


‘Innovate or die’. This jolting message is one of many being directed at companies, as the pace of change in the business world seems to be constantly on the rise. But it would be easy (and naive) to fall into the trap of seeing such a warning as purely technology focussed.

Innovation is about much more than technology. It’s about creating new ways of doing things. Moving forward. Staying ahead of the game. Importantly, innovation can be related to all elements of a business. And those who neglect to be innovative with their employee engagement strategies may well find themselves falling behind their competitors.

Another way to look at it? Innovate…or lose valuable employees.

But what does innovation in employee engagement look like? Here are some inspiring examples of how three very different, forward thinking companies have gained success from innovative employee engagement practices. [Read more…]

How Incorporating Wellness Activities Boosts Staff Productivity

Qantas Assure, a health insurance and wellness company, takes a dive into the benefits of incorporating wellness activities within a workplace and the positive impact this can have on staff performance.


Stress and poor health and wellbeing cost the Australian economy billions every year. Introducing wellness activities at your workplace can turn this around, improving employee motivation and productivity.

Wellness programs have proven successful at cutting down on sick days, stress and fatigue across all industries.

Initiatives such as office gyms or workout sessions, free breakfasts and health insurance to help sick employees get back to work faster are well worth the investment if they make your staff more productive and boost your bottom line. [Read more…]

Case study: Australia Post’s ‘Seeker’ employee lead referral program

How an iconic Australian brand is turning its 37,000-strong workforce into new business hunters, with drool-worthy results.

SeekerCS_ThumbnailLike many businesses, Australia Post believed there had to be a more effective, more efficient way to seek out and capture new business leads. They also knew that an increase in lead volume and quality would deliver improved conversion rates and in turn, revenue growth. It’s a simple equation and a universal business challenge.

So what did they do?

Australia Post saw an opportunity. The company believed nobody was better equipped to spot relevant prospects than its own workforce.

And so, in partnership with Accumulate, the Seeker employee lead referral program was born.

Now, still mid-way through launch, the program has not only captured the imagination of employees,
it’s already exceeded Australia Post’s new business revenue expectations.
[Read more…]

5 ways an employee engagement specialist practises what it preaches

shutterstock_184868945Imagine if Richard Branson was afraid to fly.

If Jamie Oliver binged on junk food weekly.

If the Pope wasn’t Catholic.

Not only would these be sensational headlines, they’d impact my perception of the associated brands. And not for the better.

It stands to reason that we expect organisations and brands to practise what they preach.

At Accumulate we’re in the business of driving employee engagement and loyalty. We live and breathe the expertise we sell, because we understand its value and importance – and the cost of ignoring it.

So what does employee engagement and loyalty engagement look like, Accumulate style? [Read more…]

Could these employee benefits signal the beginning of a workplace revolution?

shutterstock_199089575Traditionalists beware. A number of leaders in employee engagement are rewriting the rule book. And if the latest innovations catch on, work-life balance as we know it could become almost unrecognisable.

Flexible working hours – we’ve heard it all before.

Or have we?

All Roles Flex. These three simple words have started to appear in the HR Manuals of innovative businesses competing hard for top talent. And their impact could be positively life-changing.

Imagine being empowered to dictate your own work hours. To design your work week around your personal commitments. To schedule your time so it delivers your desired work-life balance. And all without having to grovel to your manager, or jeopardise future career opportunities.

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