How could a little blue man change a company culture? {video}

Recognition AstraZenecaWhen leading global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca decided to take a fresh look at what it meant to be an ‘employer of choice’ in its Australian operations in 2009, they went all out and decided to have a bit of fun in the process.

They set out to create a strong culture of recognition across their remarkably diverse workforce and at the heart of their plans was a small blue mascot – ‘Charlie’ – who quickly became synonymous with recognition and reward. Four years on, he is still an immensely popular and recognisable figure across the organisation.

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Developing the Bankwest Heroes employee recognition brand {Slideshare}

BW_HeroesIncentive Marketing Association Award Winner 2013

Find out how Bankwest found success with a fun and engaging employee recognition brand that has defined their strategic priorities and manifested itself throughout their entire organisation – from effectively providing a single, consistent identity for recognition and incentive activities to impacting how their employees interact with each other day to day.

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Would you put your employees before your customers?

Audi_InstagramNo matter the industry you are in, the engagement levels of your employees will directly impact the experience and loyalty of your customers, whether positively or negatively.

And it certainly does swing both ways; disengaged workers can lead to lost business and cause irreparable damage to a brand.  That’s a fairly confronting thought when you consider 70% of Australians are either in two minds about their job or have completely checked out. This disconnection is costing the national economy nearly $55 billion a year.

According to a report, organisations with higher-than-average levels of engagement find success in four distinct areas; two of which are customer satisfaction and revenue. So investing in the engagement of your people first is like killing two birds with one stone, when you recognise the direct relationship between their outlook and your business’ productivity.

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He huffed and he puffed and he…took less sick days?


Accumulate’s HR Coordinator and ‘white line fever’ sufferer Lizzy Taylor shares her thoughts on the commercial and cultural benefits of a structured corporate health and wellbeing program.

A wise woman once said, “Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands…they just don’t!” This was of course Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. Here at Accumulate we couldn’t agree more. Not only are healthy, active employees less likely to sit at home and watch chick flicks on their days off, but they are also more productive and take less sick leave days.

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Gross national happiness

Gross National HappinessJigme Singye Wangchuck, the fourth Dragon King of Bhutan, knew a thing or two about people engagement.

Shortly after he took the reins in 1972, he introduced the philosophy of ‘Gross National Happiness’ (GNH) as an alternative to GDP, the traditional international measure of economic prosperity. He felt strongly that the success of his nation should be based on the happiness of its people, rather than the depth of its pockets.

GNH would align the Bhutanese culture more closely to Buddhist spiritual values, ensuring that any proposed development activity would be measured in terms of its likely impact on the happiness of its people.

A noble idea, but surely a pipe dream?

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