Engagement is something we talk about a lot. We’re here (and likely so are you) because we want to understand what makes people tick.

Our mission is to help you think differently about engagement, which is why we’ll share outside-the-box ideas and perspectives to help you motivate and inspire the people most important to the success of your business.

Why should you read on?

In short, this isn’t another ‘let’s get something out the door’ blog. And we won’t just recycle the work of others.

Rules of Engagement is designed to deliver you valuable and relevant content from thought leaders in the industry to:

  • Help you take a different look at engagement, whether it’s employee recognition and reward, sales and channel incentives, or customer loyalty
  • Provide you tips to motivate, engage and inspire the people who have the most profound impact on your bottom line

It’s likely that you’re already involved in people engagement – at the very least, it’s crossed your mind. Whether you’ve heard it all before or it’s a relatively new concept, Rules of Engagement has been created to develop a community that sheds a fresh perspective on the subject of engagement.

And we want you to be part of it.