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Recognition…we all crave it

shutterstock_248883307I’ll make a bet with you. A bet that I’m almost certain I’ll win. And that is, that I know what makes you tick.

First, think of at least one example of when you did something awesome at work. Something you’re a little bit proud of. The sort of thing that made you want to give yourself a cheeky high five. But you resisted because, well, can you imagine seeing someone give themselves a high five?

So you did this awesome thing. But no-one said anything. No-one acknowledged it. Not your co-workers and not your boss. Everyone kept trudging on through their day without batting an eyelid. [Read more…]

Employee engagement, the life-Force of any organisation

image01The Accumulate crew used the lead-up to the festive break to set the tone for 2016, mainly around continuing our ongoing quest for new insights on employee engagement and loyalty.

One of our new employees (on secondment) had some interesting points to make on the pitfalls of Empire-building, however he also offered some great insights on the importance of corporate culture fostering individual expression, rather than pushing conformity and censorship. He cited Bret Easton Ellis’ recent Linked In post, also mentioning the ‘democratisation of culture’ as something to be avoided, lest companies end up with a disengaged workforce of drones. [Read more…]