5 ways an employee engagement specialist practises what it preaches

shutterstock_184868945Imagine if Richard Branson was afraid to fly.

If Jamie Oliver binged on junk food weekly.

If the Pope wasn’t Catholic.

Not only would these be sensational headlines, they’d impact my perception of the associated brands. And not for the better.

It stands to reason that we expect organisations and brands to practise what they preach.

At Accumulate we’re in the business of driving employee engagement and loyalty. We live and breathe the expertise we sell, because we understand its value and importance – and the cost of ignoring it.

So what does employee engagement and loyalty engagement look like, Accumulate style?

Here’s a snapshot.

1. We say thanks

And people love to hear it.

To support a culture of appreciation we have an employee recognition and reward program called ThankQ. This makes it easy to recognise and be recognised for deserving behaviour. And the best part is, everyone can see who has been nominated in real-time, via our social recognition feed.

There are eCards for instant recognition, or employees can nominate colleagues to receive reward points. There’s an online catalogue for points redemption, with a variety of rewards (3,500+) as vast as the interests of the people redeeming them.

We also use ThankQ to celebrate service milestones, employee referrals, birthdays – the list goes on. In fact, so important is the culture of recognition at Accumulate that we even have a ‘nominator of the month’ award.

Yes, we say thank you for saying thank you!

2. We communicate

We have a monthly company-wide Communicate Session to update everyone on what’s happening in the business and celebrate milestones and achievements.

That’s on top of the standard regular team meetings and one-to-one catch ups between managers and direct reports.

On top of all this, we have what could be considered the hub of communication. It’s where ideas are born, solutions workshopped, spleens vented and friendships formed.

Yes, it’s the office (café standard, industrial-strength) coffee machine.

Of course we have a water cooler too, but that’s not as popular.

3. We grow

With such an engaged bunch, sticking around at Accumulate doesn’t mean standing still. We have bi-annual talent reviews, staff training programs and we support role changes and secondments within the business.

Because as we all know, supporting people to realise their potential is a win-win.

4. We play

All work and no play would make Accumulate a dull place. Luckily we’ve got that covered too.

For those who like to break a sweat, Accumulate competes in corporate team sports and sponsors participation in fun-runs and boot-camps. For those of a more social ilk there are Friday drinks, volunteer days, charity morning teas, team lunches, and the mid-year and Christmas parties.

To appeal to the resident shopping enthusiasts (guilty as charged), we have have access to a discount online employee benefits program, where all manner of products, experiences and partner offers can be purchased.

And for the young at heart, there’s a PS4 in the breakout room, where (mostly) good-spirited FIFA 2015 battles regularly take place.

5. We recharge

There’s nothing like burnout to knock the engagement stuffing out of a hard working employee. That’s why at Accumulate, taking breaks is actively encouraged. Each year our employees receive five bonus days as a reward for taking all their annual leave allowance. It’s a handy benefit to complement our Qantas flight discounts.

And to make sure employees are in tip-top shape for all their holidays, there are also free health assessments and flu shots, plus on-site Pilates classes and even the odd massage.

OK, so we walk the talk. But what does all this achieve?

We believe our annual engagement survey holds the answers.

83% would recommend Accumulate as a great place to work.

93% are proud to be associated with our business.

Have we nailed it? No. Even Jamie Oliver has the occasional French fry.

Are we constantly looking at new, dynamic and relevant ways to keep our employees engaged and loyal? Absolutely.

The bottom line is, Accumulate can’t afford not to practise what we preach.


Ann-Marie Walker is Accumulate’s resident Content Marketing Specialist, and can regularly be found doing Pilates and venting her spleen by the coffee machine.