This is why your employee benefits must have mass appeal

Employee Benefits mass appeal“And do you have any questions for us?”

This is a sentence that all HR professionals know well. They utter it at the end of every interview and wait for the candidate to reply by asking in varying degrees of directness:

“What’s in it for me?”

You want this candidate. They have interviewed fantastically and would be perfect for the job.

Now it’s time to reel off that list of employee benefits your company offers, and wow them to smithereens. After all, you know that the benefits you’re hiding up your sleeve could be the deciding factor to this candidate accepting your offer.

You start to tell them about the great discounts you offer on premium car rentals. They don’t drive.

You try again.

You tell them about the partnership you have with the childcare centre across the road which offers 1 free day a week to your employees. They don’t have children.

They stand up, throw the glass of water you poured them in your face, scream “nobody understands me!” and run out via the nearest exit.

I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea.

Either way, you’ve lost a great candidate to a business that will offer them what they want.

According to research done by Capita Employee Benefits in 2013, 71% of respondents would take a job if the employer offered good benefits.

However, in order to provide what will be deemed as a ‘good’ benefit to your prospective employees, it needs to be relevant to them. The definition of a benefit is something you can gain advantage or profit from. So if they can’t use it, or don’t care for it, then clearly it’s not a benefit.

It’s imperative that you offer employee benefits that capture a wide demographic – not just for attracting future employees but also for engaging and rewarding your current ones.

If people feel alienated or excluded by what’s on offer, what was meant to have a positive impact on how people feel about their workplace is likely to have the opposite effect.

Solution? Provide a wide and flexible benefits offering so employees can set their own preferences, utilise what suits their lifestyle and take advantage where they see value.

We’re not saying don’t offer the car hire discounts or the childcare, but do make sure there are enough alternatives that aren’t so specific.

Gym memberships, discounts on groceries, petrol vouchers, movie tickets, secondments, flexible working hours, free healthy snacks: these are things that can be enjoyed and utilised by all employees no matter where they’re at in life.

Avoid having water thrown in your face. Offer amazing employee benefits that cater to everyone.

Image credit: Shutterstock
Sources: Research by Capita Employee Benefits via Employee Benefits Online, 2013