‘Why hasn’t he called me back?’ Recruitment and dating are surprisingly similar

shutterstock_211663036“Should I call him now or wait a few hours? Maybe I’ll call him tomorrow; I don’t want to seem too keen. Oh my gosh, what if he’s seeing other people?!”

Although I’ve pretty much said the exact same sentence to a group of girlfriends over coffee/wine/[insert other beverage here] more times than John Farnham’s had a comeback tour, as the words left my mouth yesterday I wasn’t referring to the latest Tinder guy, but the perfect candidate for one of our newly vacant roles.

He had the right qualifications, great experience, presented well and told me he made his colleagues cupcakes. I wanted him. And that’s when I realised: recruitment is just like dating.

First there are the dates you go on where their online dating profile really doesn’t match what you see in front of you. They said they have a passion for travel: they have been to the Gold Coast once. They said they were 6 ft. 4: only if they wear their 8 inch heels. Which they do. On Friday nights.

This is like when you receive a resume that lists someone as ‘advanced’ with a particular software that is crucial to a role and you find out in the interview that they have maybe, probably, most likely, kind of, seen or heard of the software. Once. Or twice. Maybe.

But then the stars align, Adele songs fill your ears and you find someone who ticks all the boxes and would be perfect for the role. This is where the nervous butterflies and playing games of ‘hard to get’ come in that are so reminiscent of the dating charade.

You don’t want to call too soon after the first interview otherwise you might seem too keen. If you do call but they don’t answer and take a while to call you back, are they seeing other people?! Are they going to other interviews?! But you can’t wait too long to call them otherwise they might think that you’re not interested! Do they even think I’m pretty?! Oh wait scrap that last bit… that definitely only applies to dating.

However, while looks, or a great personality or a beach house with a spa might help get your desired ‘candidate’ over the line in the dating world, the equivalent in the recruitment world are things like competitive employee benefits. Recruitment is just like dating. You need to woo the person, show them that you are worth going steady with.

If you’re finding that you are losing the perfect candidates to other suitors, or would like to spruce up your ‘woo-factor’ to better your chances of finding ‘the one’, then consider implementing a tailored Employee Benefit Program.

Offering your employees a competitive Employee Benefits package is very similar to the tinder guy whose parents own a yacht in the Whitsundays. It’s not the only reason you chose to date him, but man, does it help.

It won’t be the sole reason those perfect candidates come and work for you, but it’s a proven strategic move to help attract, engage and retain the people crucial to your business by offering them what they can’t resist.

It’s a simple proposition with a big impact. Find out more today and who knows, he might just call you back (Omg, yay like I totally dig this one!).

Lizzy Taylor, Human Resources Coordinator