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This is how you give all your current (and future) employees what they want

Give every employees what they wantHow do you compete as a business if you’re recruiting for highly skilled talent, but can only offer to pay market value? And how do you ensure your current employees stay put when wages are the single draw card?

The great news is that for businesses that don’t have more cash to give, the answer isn’t money.

What you need are unique differentiators. Added extras that are compelling enough to attract the right people to your business’ front door, and keep them from leaving out the back.

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The secret to duplicating your best employees {Slideshare}


There’s no question that the most engaged, productive and loyal employees are the ones that every organisation wants, and needs more of.

According to Leadership IQ research, 72% of employees polled admit that they aren’t giving their best effort. That’s nearly ¾ of a workforce that could be giving more, but find reason not to.

Think about the impact it could have for your business if all of your people – or even just half – could be considered as your most effective employees.
It could result in improved revenue, higher productivity, better customer experience and an increase in creativity and innovation.

There is a secret to achieving this. All it takes is a little employee recognition.

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