10 things leading employers do for happier employees {Slideshare}

Workplace happiness

There are many well-known and documented benefits to having a happy workforce, including higher levels of engagement and lower rates of attrition. Employees that find joy in what they do are fundamental to maintaining a successful culture.

Yet according to a Seek survey, 77% of Australians are less than happy in their jobs after a year, and 6/10 would not recommend their organisation as a great place to work.

Providing your people with reason to have a cheerful attitude is worth the investment. Just a small 10% improvement in employee positivity can result in an average 4% increase in customer sales.

It’s probably not a coincidence then that some of the most recognised and prolific employers prioritise and nurture the happiness of their employees. As brilliantly said in The Happiness Project, ‘people who love their work bring an intensity and enthusiasm that’s impossible to match through sheer diligence’.

So take inspiration from some of the best.

10 Things Leading Employers Do For Happier Employees from accumulate

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