9 mistakes that will ruin your employee recognition efforts {Slideshare}

ice cream filterEven with the best intentions, misguided moments of recognition can backfire.

From recognising in a pattern to putting emphasis on behaviours that don’t connect to company values, these are the common mistakes that many organisations make when thanking their employees.

9. Being old school.
Avoid dated practices like only acknowledging tenure. Regular recognition and reward are an expectation for much of today’s workforce because they want to be valued for their day-to-day input. Modernise your efforts and give them what they’re asking for.

8. Missing the quiet achievers.
Often it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the most oil, but recognition must be an equal opportunity. Don’t forget about employees that never seek credit, their moments of greatness are as valid as those of your frontline members of staff.

7. Recognising in a pattern.
All this will do successfully is breed a culture of entitlement.

6. Creating a memory for all the wrong reasons.
Have your facts right. At a bare minimum, know their name and what you’re recognising them for – particularly if it’s public. Effective recognition should create a positive, long-lasting memory, not one they’d hope to forget.

5. Choosing quantity over quality.
While research suggests that recognition is more effective when given once every 7 days, don’t fixate on targets. Employee recognition is best served at the appropriate moment – when it’s earned.

4. Recognising the wrong things.
We’ve seen all kinds of failed attempts at recognition; “He wears awesome shoes” and “when given the opportunity to wear casual clothes, David stepped up and wore a full suit with tie.” Unless key to success or a reflection of your values, this isn’t recognition-worthy.

3. Having managers that take the shine off.
Bad leaders will undermine their employees’ successes by recognising what ‘we’ achieved. Employee recognition should highlight an individual’s contributions so they can bask in their own glory.

2. Mismatching recognition to the level of achievement.
Mark your employees successes properly. Whether they hit a milestone or regularly go above and beyond, determine the achievement and the recognition that appropriately reflects it. Then create an experience they’ll treasure, not resent.

1. Not recognising achievements at all.
2 out of 3 people receive no recognition in a given year. So? The number one reason people pack up and leave their job is due to lack of appreciation.

Don’t let your attempts at recognition fail.


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