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The high price of employee disengagement {infographic}

bad apple 75% of Australian employees aren’t engaged. While it seems like a mountain to climb, there are ways to motivate a workforce that are at every organisation’s disposal right now. Encouraging a small change in an employee’s attitude with recognition can boost levels of productivity by 5%.

But if left unchecked, disengagement results in employees that are less profitable and less likely to stay. The poor state of engagement in Australia costs our national economy $54.8 billion per year.

Can you afford to do nothing about employee disengagement in your organisation?

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The manager’s role in engaging employees {infographic}


Managers can be the greatest asset or most damaging factor to the levels of engagement within a workforce. A great manager that knows what’s required to engage and retain their people will generate higher profits for their organisation than an average one.

But just 10% have what it takes to lead a team in a way that will improve a company’s performance. With such a small pool to choose from, it’s no wonder that inappropriately placed or inadequate leaders result in businesses losing billions of dollars a year.

So what are the attributes needed to encourage employees to go the extra mile?

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