Why this leading property group chose to outsource its recognition program {Slideshare}

Case Study Employee RecognitionThe introduction of a well-executed employee recognition program can deliver astonishing results.

However, when organisations are faced with managing costs on one side and delivering an initiative that resonates with employees on the other, they often choose the path of D.I.Y.

But when it’s not core business, putting in place and managing the ongoing administration of a recognition program is going to be a challenge for any organisation.

There are multiple aspects to tackle in the initial stages, including alignment with core values, considering the diversity of a workforce and potential limitations of internal technology. Beyond launch, maintaining a program’s countless moving parts and effectively measuring its ROI can become increasingly difficult and draining on resources.

As a result, many internally created and managed programs fall flat, aren’t able to advance or are underutilised.

Mirvac Case Study

When Mirvac was experiencing varying degrees of success with the design of their solution, they realised they could leverage its potential far more effectively with external help.

Having the right guidance combined with a purpose-built platform proved invaluable when launching their company-wide reward and recognition program, ‘Mirvac Stars’.

While there are certainly aspects of a program that are better managed and decided within an internal team, there’s value in sourcing the right advice when it’s needed.