Make loyalty mobile or risk standing still

Mobile Loyalty ProgamsThe majority of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers, which is why mobile is the obvious channel to transform loyalty marketing.

Two thirds of users are already interested in interacting with loyalty programs through their device, and would be happy to say goodbye to their plastic loyalty cards in exchange for a mobile option.

We habitually check apps, email and social sites up to 110 times a day on phones and tablets, and during peak times it’s once every 6 seconds.

We agree, the numbers are hard to wrap your head around.

But imagine the impact of having your loyalty app exposed front and centre on screen.

They’re already asking for it

Mobile Loyalty Progam Statistics

The ‘Always Addressable Customer’

84% of us believe we can’t live without our mobile device. This obsessive relationship means we’ve opened ourselves up to be personally within reach almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Forrester Research has labelled mobile carriers as the new “always addressable customer” (or AAC); particularly when referencing the Millennial generation. This close proximity and accessibility

Smartphone users likely to download a loyalty programs app

to our consumers provides a highly targeted touch point of communication – a cornerstone to building true and lasting loyalty. Relevant, tailored and timely program communications to members are proven to have a much higher open rate and can increase satisfaction by up to 3 times.

Two thirds of consumers are happy to do away with physical loyalty cardsOpportunity in their pocket

All channels play an important role, but e-commerce experts are finding that the biggest return on mobile today is from increased customer loyalty. Smartphones and tablets facilitate personal exchanges in ways that other channels can’t, like real-time interactions with your customers via geolocation technology. Unique to mobile, nearby consumers can be served instant offers to be scanned and redeemed in-store directly from their smartphone. Promotions of this nature have shown an increase in incremental value of 4%.


Mobile provides broader and more innovative ways for loyal customers to be rewarded, make payments easily, set communication preferences and manage all aspects of their own membership.  When customers can store points and cards within a virtual ‘wallet’, it increases their likelihood to adopt by more than 10%.


Loyalty is very much on the move. It’s time to think mobile, or run the risk of standing still.




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