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How could a little blue man change a company culture? {video}

Recognition AstraZenecaWhen leading global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca decided to take a fresh look at what it meant to be an ‘employer of choice’ in its Australian operations in 2009, they went all out and decided to have a bit of fun in the process.

They set out to create a strong culture of recognition across their remarkably diverse workforce and at the heart of their plans was a small blue mascot – ‘Charlie’ – who quickly became synonymous with recognition and reward. Four years on, he is still an immensely popular and recognisable figure across the organisation.

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The extraordinary impact of employee recognition {Slideshare}

power of recognitionIt’s been proven time and again that companies with a highly engaged workforce find success in the critical areas of: employee retention and productivity, customer service and business profitability.

There is also plenty of evidence pointing to the strong link between effective recognition and strong employee engagement.

Whether you think your company does employee recognition and engagement well, or whether you know your approach needs to improve dramatically, it pays to be armed with all facts so you can make an informed decision, and, if needed, build a compelling business case.

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10 tips to effective employee recognition you can start doing today {Slideshare}

10 tips to effective employee recognition

Every organisation should recognise their employees. It’s the best place to start in motivating and engaging a workforce.

But how do you go about it?

These 10 simple tips will help you approach recognition in the way that will most positively impact your people.

Better yet, you can start doing them immediately.

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Make loyalty mobile or risk standing still

Mobile Loyalty ProgamsThe majority of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers, which is why mobile is the obvious channel to transform loyalty marketing.

Two thirds of users are already interested in interacting with loyalty programs through their device, and would be happy to say goodbye to their plastic loyalty cards in exchange for a mobile option.

We habitually check apps, email and social sites up to 110 times a day on phones and tablets, and during peak times it’s once every 6 seconds.

We agree, the numbers are hard to wrap your head around.

But imagine the impact of having your loyalty app exposed front and centre on screen.

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