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How to improve the performance of your entire sales force {infographic}


It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing all your attention on your top sales representatives for growth, but most of these employees are already at capacity. The largest portion of your sales team sit somewhere between the best and worst performers, and research continually tells us that this is the group ‘most likely to move the needle’ when given the right incentives.

Encouraging your middle and low performing employees to start giving even a little more could transform your organisation.

That’s why when designing and managing a sales incentive program, it’s essential to identify what motivates, retains or improves each unique group – considering everyone from the top to the bottom, and particularly those who fall in-between.

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Why recognising and rewarding excellence isn’t the same thing

Recognising and rewardingOne of Accumulate’s Account Managers, Laura Miller, shares her thoughts on how to ensure recognition and reward doesn’t backfire.

After the launch party is over and a company’s shiny new employee recognition program is up and running, often there is a period of hesitation and confusion amongst managers about what behaviour is worthy of being rewarded.

If an employee is rewarded too frequently, will they form a belief that they are entitled to receive a certain quota of rewards each year and become disengaged if this expectation isn’t met? Will every piece of good work come with an extended hand, waiting to be given its reward?

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9 surprising misconceptions about employee engagement

misconceptions_smaller1. “I don’t have time to engage my employees”
Impossible. A ‘thank you’ is sometimes all that’s required. Receiving expressions of gratitude make us feel a heightened sense of worth that in turn triggers helpful behaviours. We can all find a spare few seconds to say thanks for a job well done, particularly when you consider the knock on effect.

2. “Recognition and engagement programs don’t provide a return on investment”
Not true. 65% of top-performing organisations have programs in place to deliver real-time recognition and 82% of employees say that the praise they receive motivates them to increase their performance. A highly engaged workforce can improve operating income by 19.2% within a year’s time.

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4 ways to fix a broken employee recognition program

broken recognitionSo often companies establish a great framework for recognising a workforce yet it fails to become embedded in their culture.

Amazingly, 3 out of 4 businesses have a recognition program but only 58% of their employees are aware it exists.

This disconnect indicates that despite good intentions, the investment some organisations make in these solutions is no more than a wasted opportunity.

But a few simple changes can turn the fate of an underperforming or unknown recognition program around.

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