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5 creative loyalty programs to learn from

loyalty to learn fromWe’re all lured in by the possibilities of what a loyalty program can offer us. In Australia, 88% of consumers over the age of 16 are members of at least one. But in an environment saturated with points-based loyalty programs, there’s a need to provide more value to customers beyond a buy this, get that mentality.

How do you make your loyalty program stand out in a very crowded room?

Learn from some of the best.

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The effect of social employee recognition {infographic}

social rec

Most leaders are aware that recognising and acknowledging their employees’ achievements can have a long lasting and powerful impact. Done correctly, recognition is proven as one of the best and most cost-effective methods for increasing productivity, engagement and motivation.

But what’s the result of making those moments of thanks and praise more social, shareable and publicly visible within a workforce?


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In a reward program, don’t forget about the rewards

rewards programAccumulate’s Group Buying Manager Asaf Harel looks at the impact of choosing a reward offering that caters for individuality and various levels of effort.

Reward and incentive programs are an integral part of many businesses these days. If appropriately managed and supported, they can be the perfect vehicle to creating change within an organisation.

But one of the most important factors for participation and success, and often the most neglected, are the rewards themselves.

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