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Developing the Bankwest Heroes employee recognition brand {Slideshare}

BW_HeroesIncentive Marketing Association Award Winner 2013

Find out how Bankwest found success with a fun and engaging employee recognition brand that has defined their strategic priorities and manifested itself throughout their entire organisation – from effectively providing a single, consistent identity for recognition and incentive activities to impacting how their employees interact with each other day to day.

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Employee recognition – it pays to tell your employees the good stuff

good stuffWhat if we told you that being positive encourages more engaged and productive employees?

According to a Gallup Survey, ‘leaders who focus on employee strengths are a third more likely to manage actively engaged workers compared with managers focusing on weaknesses’.

But if you’re thinking that the solution to having nothing good to say is to say nothing at all, you’d be wrong.

Managers that give little or no feedback fail to engage 98% of their workforce.

In fact, you’d get better results from offering your employees comments highlighting their failings, when contrasted with no acknowledgment of their existence whatsoever. It turns out we just want to have our input noticed, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

But in most scenarios, the impact of the good still far outweighs the bad.

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