Employee engagement. That’s HR’s problem, right?

hr problem copyAs businesses increasingly utilise their brand promise to shape their internal culture and employee proposition, the line between HR and marketing becomes more and more blurred.

And while their departmental focus and drivers may be different, their core function remains essentially the same; to attract, engage and retain the right people.

So when it comes to engaging a workforce and designing and managing an employee recognition program, does that responsibility still fall to your Human Resources department?

Yes – and no.

There’s no question an employee recognition program should be predominately driven by HR; they are the part of your business most invested in the wellbeing and happiness of your team. In fact, 92% of organisations report their ‘culture is extremely supportive of recognition’, when HR is actively involved in their internal reward program.

However, when you consider that the engagement levels of your employees directly impact the experience and loyalty of your customers, there’s a strong case for joining forces to converge the insights of both the marketing and HR departments.

But beyond ensuring internal and external brand alignment, what role can marketing actually play in employee recognition?

Organisations with recognition programs have unlimited opportunities to leverage the benefits of these programs through regular communications. And not just to articulate what’s in it for their people, but also to instill the values and desired behaviours that drive business objectives.

When communicating the various aspects and benefits of a program to employees, it’s crucial to be engaging, human and relevant. This is where a marketing team comes in; they can contribute a range of insights– in areas such as branding, social, digital and targeted messaging – that can help inspire and motivate your people to get on board.

Strike the balance between sharing information and building a meaningful connection with your people. An alignment between HR and marketing could positively affect the success of your recognition program – and how engaged your people are at work, with your brand and the company’s mission.

A team effort can make all the difference.


Sources: WhatWorks®

Image credit: Shutterstock