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Would you put your employees before your customers?

Audi_InstagramNo matter the industry you are in, the engagement levels of your employees will directly impact the experience and loyalty of your customers, whether positively or negatively.

And it certainly does swing both ways; disengaged workers can lead to lost business and cause irreparable damage to a brand.  That’s a fairly confronting thought when you consider 70% of Australians are either in two minds about their job or have completely checked out. This disconnection is costing the national economy nearly $55 billion a year.

According to a report, organisations with higher-than-average levels of engagement find success in four distinct areas; two of which are customer satisfaction and revenue. So investing in the engagement of your people first is like killing two birds with one stone, when you recognise the direct relationship between their outlook and your business’ productivity.

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Employee engagement. That’s HR’s problem, right?

hr problem copyAs businesses increasingly utilise their brand promise to shape their internal culture and employee proposition, the line between HR and marketing becomes more and more blurred.

And while their departmental focus and drivers may be different, their core function remains essentially the same; to attract, engage and retain the right people.

So when it comes to engaging a workforce and designing and managing an employee recognition program, does that responsibility still fall to your Human Resources department?

Yes – and no.

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