How to understand your customers and make them loyal {infographic}

shutterstock_108695009The ubiquitous customer loyalty program – it’s hard to remember (retail) life without it.

We’re sure most of you reading this have at least one or two loyalty program cards in your purse or wallet that are getting close to burnout from overuse, while there are no doubt three or four others lurking in the darkness that don’t ever see the light of day.

In fact, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that 88% of Australian consumers over the age of 16 are members of at least one program.

But while there’s plenty of evidence that loyalty programs work, their prevalence means consumers are now far more familiar with how the good ones operate, and are therefore far more discerning about the perceived value they deliver – while program membership is high in this country, only 41% of consumers believe loyalty programs offer good benefits.

So, amid the flood of offers and programs competing for the same retail dollar, what will keep your loyalty program top of mind for customers, while other programs are consigned to obscurity – only surfacing when membership cards are discovered during an intermittent quest to reclaim wallet or purse space, or during an overdue inbox email purge?


Customer Loyalty

If offers are relevant and delivered via the right channels at the right time, the chances of your program grabbing a significant piece of the retail spotlight increase exponentially.

So if you’re reviewing your current loyalty program or starting a new one, understand what makes your customers tick, and invest in the right ones in the right way.

Your customers – and your bottom line – will thank you.


Source:  Directivity & Citrus: 2013 Consumer Study into Australian Loyalty Programs