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A guide to better workplace culture

culture 1Setting out to create the right workplace culture is like a quest to find the Holy Grail.

The character of your organisation can be the difference to your employees loving or hating their job, whether they choose to stick around or join your team to begin with.

A coffee machine and a ping pong table (whilst valued) are no more than a Band-Aid. Great cultures develop when you get the best out of your people.

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“Please don’t give me any more money” said no employee, ever

guest postWhile it’s familiar territory for the Rules of Engagement, guest blogger and experienced HR consultant Sahr Willis provides her own slant on the importance of finding the right reward for your people at the right time – and the downside of getting it wrong.

“Please, don’t give me any more money,” said no employee, ever. But when it comes down to it, is cash really the enticement, reward and retention tool that many organisations still think it is?

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What rewards really motivate your employees?

what rewards really motivateIt’s a fact that in most cases receiving positive reinforcement in the form of praise and rewards releases the ‘happy chemical’ dopamine. And not only does dopamine make us feel good, it enables us to identify incentives and act to move toward them.

In other words, by rewarding your employees for great work you’re encouraging them to repeat behaviours that positively impact your company, because there’s something in it as a result.

Now it’s hard to argue with science. But what is the best way to reward your employees so they give the best of themselves?

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5 incredibly simple ways to create shiny, happy employees

Shiny Happy People_10mSay thanks.
Saying ‘thank-you’ or praising staff can affect job satisfaction and happiness as much as a 1% pay increase.

Campbells’ CEO spends time each day scanning their internal website looking for news of people who have made a difference in their business. Then he gets out a pen and writes a short note to congratulate them. Anyone can do that right?

Implementing a procedure for showing thanks and praise is achievable for any organisation and it doesn’t have to be ground breaking or costly. No more excuses.

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When it comes to sales incentives, avoid pigeon-holing

PIGEON HOLEThe following is based on a true story.

Carlos* is a mid to top level sales performer in a large corporate. He’s been with the company for four years and while he is generally self-motivated, he’s currently on ‘cruise control’.
And, given Carlos’ profile, it would be easy for his manager to rely on stereotypes when determining the best incentive to motivate improved performance from him.

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