Employee recognition: walking the talk {Slideshare}

Want to know how to consistently achieve 80% – 90% staff engagement scores?

Effective employee recognition is a great place to start.

And no, we’re not just saying that because of the business we’re in. But because we witness the positive organisational impact of recognition on a daily basis through the client programs we manage.
We also live and breathe it via our own recognition program – ‘The Hub’, which operates as part of a broader employee engagement strategy.

Check out our story –it will provide you with ideas on what you can do within your own organisation to boost people engagement and, ultimately, your bottom line.


10 tips on creating a culture of recognition and engagement

For those of you with an aversion to imagery, here’s a snapshot of handy ‘Recognition 101’ hints:

1. Embed it, don’t bolt it on.

If it comes across as a forced PR/HR exercise, it will be treated as such by your people.

2. Start it at the top

If your leadership team and managers don’t encourage it or believe in it, nor will anyone else.

3. Give everyone an equal shot

Recognition must extend to everyone in the organisation, from top to bottom.

4. Give it some meaning

Align recognition to your corporate values to create the desired behaviours and the desired culture.

5. Make it easy to recognise someone

Provide a range of easy-to-use tools to recognise the right behaviours at the right times.

6. Make it accessible. Make it personal.

Communicate often and share individual achievements as publicly as possible. Social technologies and public forums are a great place to start.

7. Create a recognition currency

Reward points is the obvious one, with multiple earning and redemption options.

8. (Non-cash) rewards work, too.

Understand what your people like, and provide choice – Nespresso coffee machine or a spot of sky-diving anyone?

9. Promote work/life balance

This has got to be more than just lip service.

10. Foster health and wellbeing

A fairly obvious one – healthy people are more likely to be more present, more engaged and more productive.

10. DON’T skimp on the Christmas party

OK, this is actually point 11. But we know the CEO will be reading this…

The upshot? Recognition – as part of a broader strategy – works for us and has a significant impact on staff retention, acquisition and performance.

And we know it can work for you too.


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